A Passion for
a Cyber Safe World

Cyberwatch Finland is a strong and dependable partner when looking for answers to challenges brought on by cyber security. Our customers include government agencies, municipalities, companies and various organisations. Our comprehensive services improve decision-makers’ strategic situational awareness and enable successful holistic cyber risk management.

The importance of cyber security is growing and emphasised in our digitalising world. 

The ever-changing world of cyber security requires the wisdom and expertise in order to make the right decisions based on an up-to-date situational awareness. Leadership requires analysed and reliable information to support its work, as well as an understanding of the interdependencies between events and phenomena, global trends and the changing operating environment.

Why Cyberwatch Finland

Benefits and competitive advantages:

  • The client can establish a holistic cyber security strategy, build situational awareness across the organisation, and take the necessary measures to build cyber resilience.
  • The client can build resilient ICT infrastructure.
  • Improved situational awareness, providing the basis for better decision-making.

Our services

Strategic cyber expertise requires a holistic view and understanding of the interdependencies of people, practices and technology, and the opportunities for development that they offer.

Skilful cyber management in a digital operating environment requires a reliable strategic cyber situational awareness and cyber risk analysis tailored for you needs.

With the use of roadmaps, designed to create a safer corporate culture, we train executive teams and governments to develop their cyber management as part of comprehensive crisis management, overall security and to ensure future competitiveness.

Cyberwatch Finland strengthens the resilience of your organisation and helps prevent costly cyber disasters.

Cyber security strategies, risk analysis and roadmaps
We develop cyber security strategies, risk analyses and roadmaps for cities and municipalities, states, companies and organisations aimed at a safer corporate culture, based on extensive strategic expertise and experiences.

The end result of well-executed strategy planning, and implementation is resilience, i.e. an organisation's stronger crisis resilience and defence against cyber attacks.
Strategic situational awareness to support management and decision-making
A cyber security assessment is done to help determine your organisation’s capabilities and capability caps in detecting, preventing and responding to the evolving cyber threats.

Risk analysis is a key tool in facilitating your cyber security planning. Together, we begin by identifying risks, threats in your operating environment and vulnerabilities in your own organisation in order to be able to define the value and likelihood of the risk.
Strategic analysis and reports of the cyber world
On the basis of a comprehensive strategy, a concrete roadmap and capacity building plan will be created. It defines how cyber security should be managed and how people should be trained, what technologies and best practices are needed, as well as all the other necessary practical actions and resourcing.
AI-powered analysis and information services based on our expertise
Our expert reviews, offer compact analyses of the most significant incidents in cyberspace, providing an extensive view of the background, cause and effect of each incident.
Modern education with e-learning and hybrid-learning methodologies
As a conceptual service, we produce monthly reviews, tailored seminars, webinars, games, workshops, podcasts and learning development solutions by utilising the latest technology and an international network of experts.
Innovative and unique cyber security technologies
We support our customers in building resilient critical infrastructure through services and technical solutions that meet the cybersecurity requirements at the highest level in the fast-changing world.

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