Uusien uhkien myötä kriisinhallintaan tarvitaan keskitettyä johtamista ja uusia menettelytapoja.

Uusien uhkien myötä kriisinhallintaan tarvitaan keskitettyä johtamista ja uusia menettelytapoja Suomi on vahva eurooppalainen kokonaisturvallisuuden tuottaja, erityisesti moniviranomaisten yhteistyössä ja huoltovarmuudessa. Viranomaisten toiminnan tavoitteena on väestön toimeentulon,...


Cyber ​​Security Nordic – the most significant event of cyber security solutions in Northern Europe 7–8 October 2020 Messukeskus Helsinki FINLAND Become a partner in Cyber Security Nordic Get Inspired | Network | Meet Clients | Make Sales Cyber ​​Security Nordic is an event where decision-makers...

Digiturvallinen rakennus -seminaari siirtyy myöhäiseen syksyyn! Uusi alustavasti sovittu seminaaripäivä on 23.11.2020

Digiturvallinen rakennus -seminaari siirtyy myöhäiseen syksyyn! Uusi alustavasti sovittu seminaaripäivä on 23.11.2020 Teemme päivityksen ohjelmaan heti kun se varmistuu Suuntaviivoja tilaamiseen, suunnitteluun ja ylläpitoon Digitalisaatio on suuri mahdollisuus. Sitä hyödyntämällä voimme säästää...

Happy Valentine`s Day!

Few months ago we met at the first Helsinki Drone Congress and on Valentine´s Day it´s a pleasure to share these photos and videos with You! We brought together a tremendous number of professionals to network and share experiences. Together we built a path to Finnish expertise, combining drone and...

The beginning of the new decade is a great moment to look not only at the future but also at the events and phenomena of last year.

In the Cyber World, there is nothing permanent except change. The development and change of the cyber world is accelerating. The main targets of cybercrime seems to emphasize the "big game hunting" approach. Over the past year, cybercrime has continued to grow rapidly. Not only the increase in the...

Vanhat tutut TOP viidessä!

Phishing eli tietojenkalastelu, Ransomware ja hyökkäykset kumppanuusketjua hyväksikäyttäen ovat edelleen merkittävimmät uhat yrityksille. Uhkatekijät kasvavat, kyberrikolliset jatkavat tekniikoidensa kehittämistä ja lisäävät hyökkäysten määrää. Yrityksiin kohdistuvat kyberhyökkäykset ovat...

Strategic situational awareness of the cyber world to key stakeholders of the society

Strategic situational awareness reviews

Cyberwatch Finland provides strategic situational reviews and consultation based on a holistic view of the cyber world and hybrid threats. Our reviews are based on data from publicly available sources including news, industry reports, and vulnerability and incident disclosures. The data is processed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analyzed by cyber security experts to deliver the timely conclusions and insights needed by today’s leaders and executives.

Targets of Cyber Attacks

Targets of Cyber attacks are found throughout society, particularly in its vital functions. Following and analyzing the increasing amount of news about security breaches, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks is time consuming and challenging. Leaders and decision-makers need concise and timely status reports that help to increase awareness and provide a solid basis for strategic decisions.

Value for decision makers

Our goal is to bring real value to decision makers and enable them to apply these insights to an organization’s risk analyses, strategic decisions and tactical execution. Correct and reliable information form an understanding and strategic awareness that creates a robust foundation for cyber security. Improved situational awareness and education helps organizations to prepare and protect themselves from constantly changing cyber and hybrid threats.

Monthly Review

The Cyberwatch Monthly Review is a compact analysis of the most significant cyber incidents, security breaches, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks, analyzed through the lens of their relative impact and importance to today’s organizations.

Quarterly Review

The Cyberwatch Quarterly Review is a broad perspective analysis of the most significant events in cyberspace, evaluating the backgrounds and trends to forecast emerging themes that deliver actionable insights.

Theme Reports

A Cyberwatch Theme Report provides deep analysis of a specific theme, business sector or topic of importance. Theme Reports can be ordered on a case-by-case basis and updated as required.

e-Learning and Consulting

Cyberwatch Finland offers both live and e-learning training to facilitate learning and awareness of cyber security and hybrid threats at all levels of your organization. Focused briefings on topics specific to your organization are also available.

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