Archives for January 2020

The beginning of the new decade is a great moment to look not only at the future but also at the events and phenomena of last year.

In the Cyber World, there is nothing permanent except change.

The development and change of the cyber world is accelerating. The main targets of cybercrime seems to emphasize the “big game hunting” approach. Over the past year, cybercrime has continued to grow rapidly. Not only the increase in the volume of the attacks is significant, but more concerning is the ability of cybercriminals to produce more sophisticated and intelligent cyberattacks and operations. The development of cyber defense should be at least as fast and preferably one step ahead. The question arises whether we can do it. 

It is increasingly important to understand cyberspace as a political domain. For example the challenges associated with 5G networks and their technical providers, or using companies as a leverage in the trade war or means for hybrid operations.

These and many other topics are covered in the latest Cyberwatch Finland Magazine 2020/1.