Cyber ​​security is not just about technical solutions, but much bigger issues.
It’s about creating a safe environment for children to grow and develop. Preventing the healthcare system from being paralysed and stopping patient data from falling into the wrong hands. Protecting companies from attacks that can have a damaging impact in terms of reputation, customer relationships and jobs. It’s about building the cyber secure digital society of tomorrow.

In a rapidly digitalising world, cyber threats affect the daily life and performance of every country, business and organisation. Cyber ​​security has become a prerequisite for a well-functioning society and business environment.

Cyber ​​threats know no borders, so combating them requires reliable partners

Cyberwatch Finland is a strong and reliable partner when looking for answers to challenges brought on by cyber security. Our customers include government agencies, municipalities, companies and various organisations. Our comprehensive services improve decision-makers’ strategic situational picture and enable successful holistic cyber risk management.
Our goal is to be a global pioneer in the strategic artificial intelligence-based analysis and interpretation of the phenomena of the cyber and hybrid world. We provide a situational picture and analysis of the ever-changing operating environment as a foundation for and the development of cyber security of critical services and infrastructure.

We conduct cyber risk analyses and use modern methods to support your organisation’s comprehensive risk management, including the implications of cyber security. You will also receive tailored and cost-effective solutions, for instance, for staff training and the implementation of the most effective practices and new technology. Through our international network of experts, we bring forth the best specialists and technologies in the industry to support your cyber strategy. Working together, we can create a cyber culture that minimises risks and strengthens your organisation’s resilience to crises.

Cyberwatch Finland strengthens the resilience of your organisation and helps prevent costly cyber disasters.

Maintaining cyber security is a constant and collaborative process in which people, practices, and technologies are interdependent. Effective protection against cyber and hybrid threats is managed through a series of continuous small measures taken to reduce vulnerabilities. It’s not just an issue of the management or IT department, but it also concerns every employee, partner and the entire chain of subcontractors. Ultimately, responsibility always lies with top management.

Investing in cyber security is an investment in competitiveness and reliability. Preparation and anticipation is always a better option than reacting after an attack, when financial and reputational damage often become costly.

“We help our customers to anticipate the risks and to manage the process of cyber security in a coherent and consistent way. At the same time, we are building a safer and more sustainable world together.”

– Aapo Cederberg, CEO and founder of Cyberwatch Finland.

Cyberwatch Finland:
A Passion for a Safer World


Our core values are

Reliability: For us means independence, honesty, openness, and a competent partnership that delivers on its promises

Visionary thinking: For us means the courage, analytical and strategic agility to look to the future, constant renewal and sharing of the best practices, and the effort to always be one step ahead.

Responsibility: For us means customer orientation, having respect for each other and mindful cooperation, commitment to common goals, providing security and putting people first.



A Passion for a Safer Cyber World

Our mission is to be the most trusted partner for our clients, and therefore we are constantly looking for the best ways to create a credible strategic cyber security roadmap based on your needs.

By joining our team, and with our expertise on understanding the cyber world phenomena, their root causes, and consequences, we can together create the opportunity for you to improve your cyber resilience.

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