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Kirsi Toppari
CCO, Marketing
+358 40 725 6886

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Kirsi Toppari opens up the doors to the world of Cyber-security through marketing. Kirsi has been responsible for international marketing and business growth for over 30 years in the private and public sector. Kirsi is a strategic visionary who has experience in company management, change management, management teamwork, and team operational guidance. Prior to joining the core unit of Cyberwatch Finland, she acted as the marketing director of Business Finland (Finpro) and for 15 years as the CEO of SEK point Oy, part of the SEK group, and as a member of the SEK Group’s Management Team.

Pertti Jalasvirta
Partner, Founder
+358 40 055 6724

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Founding member and partner of Cyberwatch Oy. Pertti is a true multidisciplinary expert. His thirty years of international work history is a testament to a solid expertise in public administration, government work, administration, safety, training, and medical technology. In addition, Pertti has solid experience in the CBRN Security Unit and has experience in designing and implementing multinational security exercises and trainings.

Aapo Cederberg
CEO, Founder
+358 40 024 6746

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Founding member and partner of Cyberwatch Oy. Aapo is an experienced cyber security strategist and analyst. He is an expert strategist with an international level of expertise and a well-rounded understanding of hybrid influencing. He has a unique understanding of cyber-security and the complexities of hybrid warfare, including interdependencies and threats. He has extremely comprehensive management skills, experience spanning several years, including extensive knowledge on national military defence. Aapo is a well-known cyber-security advocate both in Finland and internationally. He is also one of the authors of the first Finnish Cyber Security Strategy.

Jukka Viitasaari
Partner, Founder
+358 40 823 5507

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Jukka Viitasaari is a partner and one of the founding members of Cyberwatch Oy. He has worked for twenty years in the management of Finnish economic and technical media (editorials/deliveries) and as a media entrepreneur, as well as, ten years in the management of employer’s organisations. Digital media and digital business models are his specialty. Viitasaari is also the founder of Cine-A, a company that provides demanding live stream, hybrid- and virtual studio services. He holds a master’s degree in (political sciences/social sciences) from the University of Helsinki, as well as, a MBA from the Aalto University and IMD.

Ake Turunen
Partner Forensic
Certified Fraud Examiner CFE
+358 45 343 6500

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Ake is responsible for the Cyberwatch forensic services. Ake has an extensive and long-term experience in the prevention and investigation of financial misconduct. Ake has previously acted in the management positions of the police’s financial crimes unit as well as established and managed the forensic functions of audit firms. For several years he has assisted the management of numerous companies and established himself as a trusted advisor.

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