A discussion program sponsored by Huawei from Cyberwatch Finland’s studio, which addresses key issues related to cyber security, digital development and the future of our networked societies.

The third and fourth episodes dealt with 5G, its future and security

As panelists 5G and security “gurus”,  

Silke Holtmanns Telecommunication Security Expert – 5G Security Assurance from PwC

Ijaz Ahmad from VTT a Cybersecurity Specialist| Author, IEEE Best Paper Award winning Articles & Edited Book on Cybersecurity| Adjunct Professor/Docent | Research Scientist

Rafal Jaczynski Regional Cyber Security Officer, CEE & NordicsRegional Cyber Security Officer, CEE & Nordics at Huawei Technologies

The discussion was moderated by André Noël Chaker

Experts will answer the questions below, among others

  • What do you think are the three most critical security threats to 5G?
  • How well / poorly do you think organizations have addressed 5G cyber security threats?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for 5G security? Operators, technology providers, state agencies? Who is leading this effort?
  • What are the top three pieces of advice to users to keep 5G networks safe?
  • How is 5G safer than 4G?

Thank you so much Silke, Ijaz, Rafal and André

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