CYBER TALKS – Digital identity – Future solutions & Political implications

CYBER TALKS – Digital identity – Future solutions & Political implications

Cyberwatch Finland has launched a CYBER TALKS discussion program where experts discuss the potential of a cyber-secure data economy. The first two episodes of the series discuss digital identity and the innovations around it.

Thank you so much Marja Dunderfelt, Mika Pyyhtiä, Harri Sundvik and André Chaker

A digital identity is a set of validated digital attributes and credentials for the digital world, similar to a person’s identity for the real world.

Do you know what your digital identity is and do you recognise what that digital identity is made up of?

Cyber ​​security awareness is not just a matter for the state or companies, but for all of us. It must also be able to be incorporated into the civic skills of the future.

Thank you so much Jouni Markkanen, Marja Dunderfelt, André Chaker and Aapo Cederberg

How we can manage our digital identity in different contexts and in what way can the risks be quantified?

What are the key benefits regarding the vision of a future digital identity, listening to what the experts are saying is a good place to start!

Future parts of the series will cover, among other things, the role of business in the data economy and cooperation with public administrations, cybersecurity for 5G, IoT and cloud services, secure digital infrastructure for smart cities and mobility, privacy opportunities, and the EU’s role in a responsible data economy.

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