Cyberwatch Finland magazine – 2/2021

Cyberwatch Finland magazine – 2/2021

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Leaders in Finland and in Western countries have raised cybersecurity as one of their biggest concern and risk to business development.

Organizations are rushing to build their cyber defense more and more to response cyber attacks which we see every day. It is not only question of resources and best technologies but more importantly competence and cyber security culture. The absence of a robust cyber-resilient culture leaves the doors open for cybercriminals. The importance of a great cyber culture is growing day by day as it helps to minimize the occurrence and impact of cyber operations and ensuring business continuity.

A cyberresilient culture is a state of maturity in which all staff­ make conscious ef­orts to behave in ways that protect the organisation against cyber threats; and in which they are supported by appropriate mechanisms to inculcate the required behavioural changes

Thanks a Million to all the Amazing Authors!

Strategic Cyber Security by Aapo Cederberg
Diplomacy and Digital Technology by Janne Taalas
Russia’s Background in Cyber Warfare by Juha Wihersaari
Cyber Security challenges in Aviation and Maritime by Martti Lehto
The importance of operational technology in the built environment you operate in by Hanna Pikkusaari
Your power hangs by a bit by Julia Vainio
Telecoms New Normal by Mika Lauhde
Next step: Development of cyber security competence by Pertti Kuokkanen
Cyber Security Nordic returns live in October by Tarja Gordienko

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