Cyberwatch Finland magazine 2/2022

Cyberwatch Finland magazine 2/2022

Two overlapping and interlaced phenomena leading to change can now be observed in the cyber environment: The first concerns the change in the security situation, where cyber-attacks are becoming more common, complicated, and developing, and where state actors mingle with criminals.

And the second phenomenon of change can be seen in online culture, which is based on the activities of new users and the challenges they bring to existing communication cultures.

On the other hand, talking about change as a phenomena in cyberworld is a bit misleading because the cyber world is constantly changing and true “normality or stability” has never existed and is not even realistic to strive for.

In this issue, you will find articles that deal with the changed security situation, we look into space and talk about the EU’s digitalization and cyber security measures.

By the way, have you ever thought that the cyber space is increasingly relevant in conflict resolution and mediation work. From the perspective of mediation, conflicts in the cyber space are not standalone phenomena, but rather an extension of the “real life” conflicts driven by geopolitics, socioeconomic factors, and political grievances.

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Eneken Tikk, Stina Boyen Cederberg, Zama Hlongwane, Julia Fomín, Janne Taalas, Martti Lehto, Tuomo Kuosa, Juuso Mikkola, Arttu Tiainen, Antti Tolvanen, Juha Wihersaari, Veikko Markkanen, Aapo Cederberg and Cyberwatch Finland´s analyst team

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