Cyberwatch Finland magazine – 3/2021

Cyberwatch Finland magazine – 3/2021

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Strategic cyber leadership is needed to address current security challenges by Aapo Cederberg
How to prioritize security? Insights from the payment processing industry by Monika Liikamaa
China’s Cyber Policies by Juha A. Vuori
Hybrid work comes – and a few questions to ponder with it by Leena Nyman
The Password Problem – reason for majority of cyber attacks by Arimo Koivisto
An overview of Russia´s electronic warfare by Juha Wihersaari
Changing tides of Belarus: towards regional destabilisation? by Timo Hellenberg
Cyber security challenges of shopping centers by Aapo Cederberg

An article by our junior analyst Leo Taalas – Blockchain´s potential in the realm of cybersecurity

An article by our junior analyst Veikko Markkanen – Iron for EU´s cyber diplomacy

Not forgetting the Q2 reports

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