Cyberwatch Finland Q3 magazine – Every Day is Cyber Security Day!

Cyberwatch Finland Q3 magazine – Every Day is Cyber Security Day!

Cybersecurity is a Shared Responsibility
– we can certainly all agree

We are responsible for our own safety and also for the safety of our fellow human beings. This principle is also applicable to the cyber world, especially now that many of us are working remotely from home. Our workplace and our home have become one and a part of the same digital ecosystem, with vulnerabilities and security insufficiencies that could harm all actors.

October is Cyber Security Month in Europe and this year´s official motto is ‘Think Before U Click’. The campaign highlights a variety of cyber security themes and includes seminars, events and campaigns taking place in 25 different countries. #ThinkB4UClick

Thanks a Million to all the Amazing Authors!

These and many other topics are covered in our latest magazine: More “Muumimamma”, please, Global cyberpolitics – in your living room, The development of quantum technology is accelerating – cyber security must keep up, Excellence of Cyber security in an Electricity Organization, The U.S. and China Tech Rivalry Escalates Further, Cyber and Artificial Intelligence— Technological Trends and National Challenges, Cyber sovereignty – Anarchical dream meets Westphalian necessities

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Cyberwatch Finland team

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