Digital Security in the Public Sector

Digital Security in the Public Sector

The Ministry of Finance hosted a webinar on 25 May as part of the Finnish Presidency year 2021 in the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The recording of the event has been completed and can be viewed for two weeks (2 weeks)

The webinar was opened by Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero, the keynote speaker was CEO Aapo Cederberg from Cyberwatch Finland and hosted by Kimmo Rousku, General Secretary, Finnish Digital Agency.

The webinar also included two panel discussions with high-level experts from the Nordic-Baltic countries.

The themes of the panel discussions were:

Central and local government collaboration on digital security, addressing the need for shared digital security services provided to the local government, as well as central government support to local government on competence development and cybercrime. 

The panelists were:

  • Mr Tommi Karttaavi, Director, Association of Finnish Municipalities, Finland
  • Mr Erik Ryd, Analyst information assurance and cyber security, Cybersecurity and Secure Communications Department, Civil Contingencies Agency, Sweden 
  • Ms Marie Wessel, Head of Division, Danish Agency for Digitisation, Denmark 

Digital security auditor accreditations and performance, addressing the experiences on national accreditation processes for digital security auditing agencies and initiatives for measuring their performance.

The panelists were:

  • Mr Ilmar Toom, Head of standards and supervision department, State Information System Authority, Estonia
  • Ms Johanna Erkkilä, Head of Assessment, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Finland
  • Mr Ari Uusikartano, Deputy Director General, Head of Information and Documentation Section, CIO, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finland
  • Ms Tuija Kuusisto, Senior Ministerial Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Finland

Closing remarks by Ms Anna-Maija Karjalainen, Director General, Public Sector ICT Dept, Ministry of Finance

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