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The latest monthly review has been published

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In September's Monthly Review, we focus on the key events in the cyber world from the previous month, connecting them to the global security situation. Our review is divided into two parts: continuously monitored phenomena that we want to highlight especially from the previous month, and development trends in the cyber world that are worth following. Our review is primarily intended to improve the situational understanding of company management and cyber experts.

In September’s review, we examine the prospects for the power of technology giants in the field of international politics. We also consider how applications that collect information for authoritarian states still manage to surprise their users. Schools started again in August, which is always an interesting time for cybercriminals. Children and schools are increasingly the target of cyberattacks. In addition, from the events of August, it is especially worth following how the UN is trying to harmonise cyber legislation. Another important phenomenon to monitor is how the use of AI will appear in cybercrimes in the future.

As far as the cyber environment is concerned, Russia's hybrid influence with the means of cyberattacks and information influence was visible. At the same time, Russia itself was also the target of attacks, when information became public about a successful attack by North Korean hackers against a Russian missile manufacturer.

The review also includes threat intelligence monitoring report, which compiles significant cyberattacks from the past month and information about the most active threat actors around the world.

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