Futures Platform and Cyberwatch Finland enter into collaboration

Futures Platform and Cyberwatch Finland enter into collaboration

Futures Platform, the industry standard source for future trends and foresight, and Cyberwatch Finland, a leading cyber security advisory, have joined their forces in producing foresight analysis on cyber threats and security, as well as digital space in general.

Collaboration between future researchers and cybersecurity experts creates a proactive picture of the future of the cyber world

The reality of cybersecurity has evolved from an old-world two-dimensional one to a multi-purpose dynamic part of our lives with several ever-changing dimensions- some of which are even invisible…

  • complexity and interdependencies have multiplied
  • the rate of change has increased
  • predictability has declined

In the present, and above all in the new world, cyber ​​security is an essential part of creating opportunities for sustainable development and growth.

Proactive cyber security is a key premise for all responsible and legal actions.

In the world of cyber security – Why is foresight important?

Foresight is important because every company must create a strategy for itself, which is often used to prepare for changes outside of its own industry. To support decision-making, we need to know what phenomena, trends and megatrends are emerging and what future surprises could be those that affect the security of our operating environment and the continuity of our businesses.

Living in the midst of change requires both comprehensive vision and knowledge. What kind of developments are visible, how could they relate to each other, and how could their combined impact on future changes could be predicted?

The future is uncertain. The only thing we know for sure is what is happening in the present, but by looking at the present systematically, we can reliably say something about the future.

The models created with the help of foresight in turn help us to draw conclusions and based on these conclusions, we can choose certain actions to prepare for different futures.

That is why foresight is important.

In the world of cyber security – What can we achieve with foresight?

It is impossible to predict the future if you do not understand the environment in which we operate.

From frightened reactions to proactive preparedness

Instead of coming up with a static solution to respond to the crisis, we need to move towards a dynamic, proactive, ever-evolving approach and operating model with a solid understanding of where the cyber world is headed in the upcoming decades. It is important to ensure that one maintains a balanced understanding of all potential threats and disruptions, and make sure that one’s organisation is well-prepared in advance.


Futures Platform is the industry standard source for future trends, scenarios and long term change. It’s a full-functionality visual and collaborative toolbox for foresight and management teams, ensuring your organisation’s strategy and key decisions are future proof.

The solution brings together an AI-powered digital platform and the expertise of professional futurists. At its core, the platform features more than 800 analyses of future phenomena – from technological and environmental to societal change, with a focus on the long term. These compact, easy-to-digest scenario descriptions are combined with auto-crawled additional information from validated sources.

Our visually engaging, collaborative foresight radars map interconnections between phenomena and allow teams to understand alternative futures and co-shape future-proof strategies together. On top of this, our team of professional futurists and foresight consultants are there to help and guide you on any related matter, from custom scenario analyses and horizon scans to building your organisations’ foresight capability onto the next level.

If you would like to know more head to https://www.futuresplatform.com/

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