Highway from Israel to Finland –

Highway from Israel to Finland –

Next generations cyber defence and innovations

September 13 at 1 pm Helsinki time (EEST) Live Event

Today’s continuing increase in the use of digital technologies have made cybersecurity innovation one of the most important element of all businesses. This upward trend is unlikely to change. Solving today’s problems is not enough, and therefore it is now a perfect moment to look to the future.



13.00 Madam Ambassador Hagit Ben-Yaakov – Opening remarks

13:05 Aapo Cederberg – Opening remarks and the introductions of the speakers

13:15 Keynote: Dr. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman – The social and legal implications of cyber innovation: Deep fake as a case study

13:30 Panel Discussion: Cyber innovations and Deep fake – fun and scary at the same time

Panelists: Mr. Rami Efrati, Dr. Martti Lehto, Mr. Kimmo Rousku

13:50 Keynote: Mrs. Anat Garty – Future Cyber Challenges and Solutions, Rafael – Advanced defence systems Ltd

14:10 Panel Discussion: The next generation cyber defence

Panelists: Mr. Rami Efrati, Dr. Martti Lehto, Mr. Kimmo Rousku

14:30 Aapo Cederberg concluding remarks

Madam Ambassador Hagit Ben-Yaakov

Hagit Ben-Yaakov serves currently as the Ambassador of Israel to Finland and Estonia. She started her term in Helsinki in autumn 2020.

Ben-Yaakov has held several senior posts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel in Jerusalem, most recently the Director of Israel-China Economic Affairs. During her time in the National Security Council of the Prime Minister’s Office, she was the Senior Director for European Affairs (2016-2018). Ben-Yaakov served as the Ambassador of Israel to Latvia and Lithuania in 2011-2015.

Ambassador Ben-Yaakov holds a B.A. in History and Middle East studies and a M.A. in Middle East studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is a graduate of the Executive program of the Negotiation Strategies Institute (NSI/Harvard University).

Dr. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman

Dr. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman holds LL.B. (Summa Cum Laude) and B.Sc., Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude) Haifa University (2001); LL.M. in Commercial Law (Magna Cum Laude), Tel-Aviv University (2008); Ph.D. in Law, Haifa University (2018). Dalit’s research interests focus on Law & Technology: Data and Cyber Security, AI including Deep Fake, Intellectual Property, Software Law, Open Access and Information Law; Legal Ethics. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman is the legal supervisor of the Law, Technology and Cyber Clinic, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa. Dalit is currently a postdoctoral student at IDC under the co-supervision of Prof. Karine Nahon (IDC) and Prof. Ran Gilad-Bachrach (Tel-Aviv University).

Mrs. Anat Garty

Mrs. Anat Garty is a senior project manager and cyber security architect with over 20 years of experience in the cyber security domain.

Mrs. Anat Garty has led the multidisciplinary projects for the establishment of sectorial SOC’s as well as complex defense solution at national and sectorial level. Among these projects is the Bank of Israel cyber defense solution for the Central Credit Registrar

Mr. Rami Efrati

Mr. Rami Efrati, Managing Partner at MSF Partners Innovation AG,Former Head of the Civilian Division, Israel National Cyber Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office

Brig.Gen.(Res.) Efrati has served in the Israel Defense Forces for more than twenty-eight years and commanded numerous prestigious operational and technological positions in Military Intelligence. Mr. Rami Efrati, is an expert in Cyber Strategic Methods and has many years of experience in anti-terrorism and Intelligence technology. Mr. Efrati is one of the founding members and former Head the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Mr. Efrati is currently involved in international level strategic projects for cyber-security and innovation. Mr. Efrati has over 20 years of civilian experience and has been involved in entrepreneurial activities with both start-up and established companies in the Cyber-Security, High Tech and Bio-Technology sectors. Mr. Efrati is an Associate in the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzelia (IDC), a place he shares his unique experience in the cyber terror world. Mr. Efrati is also a guest expert and lecturer in the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and a Senior Cyber Fellow in Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security in Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Martti Lehto

Dr. Martti Lehto, (Military Sciences), Col (GS) (ret.) works as a Cyber security professor in the University of Jyväskylä in the Faculty of Information Technology

Martti has over 40 years’ experience as developer and leader of C4ISR Systems in Finnish Defence Forces. Now he is a Cyber security and Cyber defence researcher and teacher and the pedagogical director of the Cyber Security MSc. program. He is also Adjunct professor in National Defence University in Air and Cyber Warfare. He is leader of the CyberSecFIN cybersecurity ecosystem of the Allied ICT Finland (AIF). He has over 130 publications, research reports and articles on the areas of C4ISR systems, cyber security and defence, information warfare, air power and defence policy. Since 2001 he has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Military Magazine

Mr. Kimmo Rousku

Mr. Kimmo Rousku, General Secretary at Finnish Public Sector Digital Security Management Board (VAHTI) and Chief Special Expert at Finnish Digital Agency 

Kimmo has been working as VAHTI expert since 2004 and as General Secretary since 2015. Kimmo has worked in ICT sector since 1985 and he has exceptionally wide range of expertise in ICT and security. He has work experience as CIO, CISO and CRO in the Finnish government administration.

Over the last 12 years he has specialized in developing information, digital and cyber security, risk management and data protection and developing and utilizing the potential of digitalization to public sector. He has co-authored over 20 books, two of his latest books are related to information security and cyber security. He is active speaker, writer, podcast-host and guest and has hosted hundreds of public events during his career. Kimmo has trained over 10 000 persons in live trainings.

Kimmo was nominated as the 5th Chief Information Security Officer of the year 2015 by The Association of Information Security in Finland, he has been listed as TOP 100 ICT influencer by Finnish TiVi Magazine yearly since 2011. He was awarded “Promoter of Security Cooperation 2020 -award” by Finnish Security Awards and Apolitical-media nominated he as ”One of World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government 2019”. Twitter: @kimmorousku

Aapo Cederberg, CEO of Cyberwatch Finland

Aapo Cederberg is an experienced cyber security strategist and analyst with unique strategic level international expertise and understanding of hybrid threats.

His comprehensive experience in strategic management gives him unique insight in the complexities of the cyber world. He has extensive first-hand knowledge of military defense.

Aapo’s credentials include among others:

+  Lead author for the first Finnish Cyber Security Strategy.

+ Associate Fellow of the Global Fellowship Initiative at the Geneva Centre of Security Policy (GCSP).

+ Chairman of the Committee of Word UAV Federation (WUAVF).

+ Secretary General for the Security Committee of Finland for six years.

+ Head of Strategic Planning and Forecasting at the Finnish Ministry of Defense.

+ CEO and founder of Cyberwatch Finland

This pre-event takes us towards European Cyber ​​Security Month and has been produced in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Finland and Cyberwatch Finland

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