Monti, Stampa & Furrer allies with Cyberwatch Finland

Monti, Stampa & Furrer allies with Cyberwatch Finland

Monti, Stampa & Furrer (MSF Partners) and Cyberwatch Finland have joined forces to complement each other’s service portfolios.

MSF Partners brings international operational technology experts to the service portfolio, and together with our strategic cyber security expertise, we are able to provide our customers with an ever-expanding cybersecurity ecosystem.

Increasing attention is now being paid to industrial control systems (ICS) or operational technologies (OT) – the integration of hardware and software with network connections for the management of industrial processes. OT expertise and its lack has become a strong concern, especially for those operating in critical infrastructure where the need for robust protection for OT systems has been identified.

Another evolving need for OT expertise can be found in our smart cities. As we move toward the smart city, the increasing integration of IT and OT systems means that any disruption to OT systems can have consequences that compromise the functionality and security of the smart city.


“We used to have two worlds in energy. The process area, with generations of technology going back 15 years sometimes, decades, run by engineers who were often older and separate from the IT world,” The IT world tends to have younger employees accustomed to dealing with an operating environment that changes a lot. As industrial facilities and processes have been connected, so have these two worlds, with their differing priorities and dynamics. “Most engineers in OT [operational technology] are not trained or properly aware of cyber-related risks”

Said Franco Monti, chairman of MSF Partners AG, in an article published by Bloomberg.

MSF Partners AG is an independent, vendor neutral, privately held Swiss company, specialised on Cyber Security

They have gained broad experiences in implementing security operations centers (SOC), endpoint protection and in protecting critical infrastructure (ICS/OT)

The team has been approved by the Swiss ministry of defence (PSP –Personensicherheitsprüfung) for working in highly critical infrastructures such a nuclear power plants or defence installations.

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