The 2018 Cyber Security Nordic Award has been presented to Colonel (ret.) Aapo Cederberg for his long-term efforts to promote and raise awareness of cyber security both in Finland and abroad. This is the first time the award has been presented. The Finnish Fair Foundation, F-Secure, Insta Defsec and Sähköturvallisuuden edistämiskeskus STEK ry all contributed to the EUR 25,000 prize.

Aapo Cederberg - Winning the 2018 Cyber Security Nordic AwardCederberg has spent over thirty years working for the Finnish Defence Forces in various positions both in Finland and abroad. He has also served as Secretary General of the Security Committee, and was involved in drawing up Finland’s first Cyber Security Strategy (2010–2013). Cederberg trained as a General Staff Officer. He is currently the founder and CEO of Cyberwatch Finland Oy, and travels around the world providing cyber security training.

“In an age of hybrid influences, Finland’s Comprehensive Security model has become unexpectedly valuable. Finland’s reputation as a cyber security provider is better abroad than at home. In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching these things in a number of countries that are only now taking their first steps towards developing cyber security. There is great international demand for Finnish cyber security expertise,” says Cederberg.

Although Finland is at the forefront of cyber security, Cederberg is concerned about investments in the sector.

“The number of different cyber threats is increasing all the time, and we should therefore increase our investments in cyber security in the same proportion. Yet we will begin to fall behind with these developments unless we increase national investments in training and new technical innovations. We also need to develop a better understanding of cyber phenomena and development costs, as well as leadership in both the private and public sectors,” says Cederberg.

There is a lot of discussion about cyber security these days, and Cederberg believes that cyber security will only increase in importance.

“State actors, criminals and even terrorists are trying to exploit the vulnerabilities in modern societies. According to some estimates, over 300,000 malware programmes are created globally every day, and unfortunately this is a rising trend,” says Cederberg.

The Cyber Security Nordic Award was presented for the first time this year. The award seeks to highlight the importance of cyber security, and to recognise people and organisations that work to create a safer cyber world.

“I accept this award humbly and with gratitude. I’ve spent my whole career working in the best interests of security and my country, and am therefore extremely pleased to have received such recognition for my work. I hope that it will also encourage young people to learn about cyber security, as we will need new experts and new innovations,” says Cederberg.

Cederberg has promoted global developments in cyber security

Nominations for the 2018 Cyber Security Nordic Award were accepted via the event’s website in June–September. The jury received a number of excellent nominees. The most important criteria in selecting the winner were increasing the visibility and significance of cyber security, international influence, promoting cyber expertise globally, and impact.

The jury considers Cederberg to be a recognised cyber expert both in Finland and abroad. He has extensive and diverse experience in cyber security as a global phenomenon. Cederberg has consulted organisations all across the world in cyber security issues, and has made an impact on global development in the sector. Cederberg has been an advocate for cyber security in the media and at a variety of events, and his opinions on promoting cyber security receive close attention.

The winner was selected by a jury consisting of Juha Remes, Executive Director of the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC); Jyrki Rosenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at F-Secure; Marko Hautakangas, Vice President, Cyber Security, Insta Defsec; Timo Kekkonen, Managing Director of Sähköturvallisuuden edistämiskeskus STEK ry; and Anni Vepsäläinen, Managing Director of Messukeskus. The award was funded by the Finnish Fair Foundation, F-Secure, Insta Defsec and Sähköturvallisuuden edistämiskeskus STEK ry.

For further information, please contact:
Aapo Cederberg, winner of the 2018 Cyber Security Nordic Award, tel. +358 400 246746,

Messukeskus, Antti Karjunen, Communications Manager, tel. +358 50 574 3444,, #cybersecuritynordic2018

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