Operational Technology (OT)

Operational Technology (OT)

In collaboration with our partner DNWP, we are raising awareness of cybersecurity in the industrial environment.

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At the webinar in May we talked about Operational Technology (OT) and we had the honor of getting top experts to discuss the topic.

Hanna Pikkusaari, Smart Technology Advisor, Speaker and Educator, Osaango Ltd. https://www.osaango.com

Ivo Maritz, Senior Advisor, Monti Stampa Furrer & Partners AG, https://msfpartners.com

Antti Viro, Chief Technical Officer, Dedicated Network Partners Oy, https://www.dnwpartners.com

The webinar was moderated by Aapo Cederberg, CEO, Founder, Cyberwatch Finland

When organizations assess their security strategies, they sometimes overlook IT/OT convergence security, particularly the operational side. With the adoption of IoT devices that connect operational technology to the IT component of IT/OT convergence, this aspect of security must not be forgotten. “Julia Borgini”

I think we can all agree with Julia

Some observations

Thank you so much for generously sharing your time and expertise!


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