Rami Efrati – Awareness is the Key

Rami Efrati – Awareness is the Key


A big fan of Finland commented on the cyber attack, which received a lot of media attention

Remining us all: “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”

Mr. Rami Efrati, is a member of our advisory board

Rami is a managing partner of MFSPartners Innovations, Former Head of the Civilian Division, Israel National Cyber Bureau, Prime Minister´s Office

Mr. Efrati has served in the Israel Defense Forces for more than twenty-eight years. He commanded numerous prestigious operational and technological positions in Military Intelligence and received the Creative Thinking Award from the Director of Military Intelligence. Mr. Rami Efrati, is an expert in Cyber Strategic Methods and has many years of experience in anti-terrorism and Intelligence technology. Mr. Efrati is one of the founding members and former Head the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister´s Office. In this capacity, he raised Israel to a leading position in the civilian aspects of global cyber-security, brought multinational companies to open cyber R&D centers in Israel. Mr. Efrati has leveraged the existential cyber-threat to Israel, into a unique business opportunity encouraging the development of a large cyber ecosystem supporting hundreds of new cyber related startups.

Mr. Efrati is currently involved in international level strategic projects for cybersecurity and innovation.

Some headlines: North Korean hackers are targeting Israel’s defense sector, Israel Ministry of Defense claims – CyberScoop

North Korean Hacking Group Attacks Israeli Defense Industry – The New York Times

Israel Stops North Korean Cyberattack – SecureWorld

Israel Says It Beat Attack by North Korean Cyber Group Under U.S. Sanctions – The Wall Street Journal

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