As a guest of CyberCatch – Rami Efrati

As a guest of CyberCatch – Rami Efrati

At the beginning of the year we had the honor of having Rami as our guest to share his thoughts about the future and what changes are required in our rapidly digitalizing environment.


Rami Efrati; Former Head of the Civilian Division, Israel National Cyber Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office and
Aapo Cederberg CEO and Founder at Cyberwatch Finland

Last January Rami Efrati and Aapo Cederberg were keynote speakers at the Salo Cyber Talks event. Rami was talking about the Worldwide Cybersecurity Challenges in Cities ( in English) and Aapo How to build a cyber safe city (in Finnish)

Salo Cyber Talks Day One

Sorry Folks! The language of the event was mainly Finnish

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