Cyberwatch Forensic Services

Do you need support in investigating misconduct?

We support organisations in all cases of misconduct related to their activities in investigating suspicions and violations. We have extensive experience in corporate investigations and special audits, and we are familiar with the procedural requirements of the latest regulations. We can carry out the assignment independently by constantly communicating or supporting the client in the work performed by them. Our work typically includes a severity assessment of the case, project planning including resourcing, gathering information using different conventional and advanced methods, data analysis, personal interviews, and reporting. Our expert experience consists of, among other things, numerous frauds and corruption schemes as well as different types of violations of the code of conduct.

Cyberwatch Forensic Services

Do you know your partner?

We review the reputation, integrity and operating history of companies and related individuals by collecting and analysing information to support our client’s decision-making in various situations, such as M&A situations or dealing with third parties such as contractors and service providers. At our disposal we have numerous data bases and cooperation networks which enables us to produce reliable information both at home and abroad.

Do you need support in preventing misconduct and corruption?

We perform anti-fraud and anti-corruption compliance assessments to provide the client with an understanding of the balance between the organisation’s actual behaviour and its’ policies, internal guidelines and external regulations. As a result of the work, the client will receive a route map to remediate any deficiencies. We support our clients in developing the necessary policies and guidelines. We also train our clients on fraud and corruption prevention.

Cyberwatch Whistleblowing Channel

With the use of the Cyberwatch Easywhistle -whistleblowing channel you get a channel service, that is a responsible, secure, and privacy-secured whistle blowing channel with a clear environment for processing, investigating, and making decisions. The EU directive compliant whistleblowing channel service offers ready-to-go packages, or a service tailored to the needs of a client.

We plan and implement the whistleblowing channel from the beginning to the very end. Our experts help the organisation create a compliant report management and investigation process and the required documentation related to the whistleblowing channel. After the implementation of the service, we will, if you wish, receive reports, assess them, and propose further actions. We can also support in investigating the incident.

The technical solution of the Cyberwatch Easywhistle -whistleblowing channel is produced by a Finnish company, Easywhistle Oy. The system is easy to access, data secure and user friendly. The service is available in all needed languages. The channel fulfils the GDPR-requirements, and the servers are located in the EU.

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