Roadmap = cyber security capacity building

Roadmap = cyber security capacity building

On the basis of a comprehensive strategy, a concrete roadmap and capacity building plan  will be created.

It defines how cyber security should be managed and how people should be trained, what technologies and best practices are needed, as well as all the other necessary practical actions and resourcing.

Each of our customers – the state, company or organisation – is different, so we always tailor the operating model to suit the customer’s needs and security environment and threat landscape.

Roadmap = cyber security capacity building

Our six-step process

1. legal basis = ”cyber law and regulations”
2. comprehensive situational awareness and detection capacity
3. priorities and capabilities 4. cyber risk analysis and management model
5. focus on leadership, education, people and technology
6. level of preparedness and adequate resilience

Cyber ​​threats do not respect any borders, therefore combating them requires dependaple partners and a whole-of-society approach. Build better cyber security capabilities with us intelligently and cost-effectively

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