Speaker Spotlight interviews

Speaker Spotlight interviews

Cyber Security Nordic – May 12-13 2022 09:00-17:00


Video interviews were produced at the most important cybersecurity event of the year Cyber ​​Security Nordic 2022, which will be held for the fourth time at the Helsinki Fair Center.

The event brings together cybersecurity experts, decision makers and anyone looking for information on today’s most interesting topic.

The interviewer was Kim Waltzer, Chief Analyst at Cyberwatch Finland,

Interviewee Dr. Martti Lehto, Professor, Cyber Security, Col G.S (ret.), Faculty of the Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä

Interviewee Menny Barzilay, Cyber Security Expert and Strategic Advisor, CEO of Cytactic

Interviewee David Chartier, CEO of Arctic Security

Interviewer Aapo Cederberg, CEO of Cyberwatch Finland

Interviewee Jarmo Sareva, Ambassador, Cyber Affairs, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs 

Interviewee Matti Nojonen, Professor of Chinese Culture and Society, University of Lapland

Mika Pyyhtiä, CEO, Hightrust.id


Interviewee Toomas Hendrik Ilves, politician, former president of Estonia

Interviewee Jan Mickos, Business Area Lead, Managed Services, Nixu Corporation 

Interviewee Jari Mielonen, Executive Vice President, Insta Group, Chairman of the Board, FISC

Interviewee Marja Dunderfelt, Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei Technologies

Interviewee Xiaoxin Gong, Senior Cyber Security Expert, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Office, Huawei

Interviewee Tuomo Haukkovaara, National Emergency Supply Agency, Chairman of the Digipool,
Chairman of the Board and General Manager IBM Finland

Interviewee Dr. Janne Taalas, Chief Executive Officer, CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation

Interviewer Aapo Cederberg, CEO of Cyberwatch Finland

Interviewee D.Jur. Eneken Tikk, Executive Producer, Cyber Policy Institute

Interviewee Petteri Järvinen, Tietokirjailija

Interviewee Ari Uusikartano, Tietohallintojohtaja, Ulkoministeriö

Interviewee Arttu Lehmuskallio, Johtaja, Kyberturvallisuuskeskus

Interviewee Jukka Lång, asianajaja, Dittmar & Indrenius

Interviewee Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer, WithSecure

Interviewee Peter Sund, Chief Executive Officer, FISC

Interviewee Amalie Lønning, Country Manager of Norway & Denmark, Immersive Labs


Interviewee Kimmo Rousku, General Secretary, Finnish Digital Agency

Interviewee Juho Ranta, Founder and Partner, Second Nature Security (2NS)

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