Cyberwatch Finland magazine – 1/2021

Welcome to 2021, we hope that the year that has begun will be a year of success

Is it Possible to Predict how the Cyber Year 2021 will Unfold?

We believe that predicting the future is essential to prepare for future cyber challenges and secure the new normal digital “post-Covid” era. Competence development and new innovations are essential to provide a good precondition in meeting future challenges.

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These and many other topics are covered in our latest magazine: The Challenge of Countering Hybrid Threats, Strategic Cyber Security Situational Awareness, Holistic Approach Is Necessary to Solve the Security Issues of This Decade, Cyber espionage: the problem that isn’t, 5 things to focus on in 2021 to cybersecure your business

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Strategic Security Analysis

White-Crusade: How to Prevent Right-Wing Extremists from Exploiting the Internet by Christina Schori Liang and Matthew John Cross

The author of the analysis; Mrs. Christina Schori Liang is a member of our advisory board

Dr. Christina Schori Liang is a Senior Advisor and Senior Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). She leads the Terrorism and Organised Crime Cluster at the GCSP.

Dr. Liang  designs and directs courses on Preventing Violent Extremism and on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict: Addressing the Challenges Posed by the Presence of Non-State Armed Groups and contributes to GCSP’s Track Two diplomacy and dialogue events. From 2012-2016, she served as Co-Director and later as Director of GCSP’s New Issues in Security Course. 

Dr. Liang was editor of Europe for the Europeans: The Foreign and Security Policy of the Populist Radical Right and has contributed to the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Global Terrorism Index Reports. Dr. Liang has given academic and policy-related presentations in over 25 countries. She is an active member of the UN’s Global Counter Terrorism Research Network and advises the UN Security Council’s 1267 Committee on terrorist financing. Dr. Liang has testified for the US National Intelligence Council, the US State Department, the European Commission, and the European Forum for Urban Security and has given multiple presentations for the NATO Defense College in Rome and the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna. Dr Liang is a Steering Group Member of the RESOLVE Network, a member of the Global Solutions Exchange (GSX), and a global expert for the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime.

We’re on social media and we’d love you to give us a follow! You can catch us on LinkedIn and Twitter by using hashtags #cyberwatchFI #CyberCatchFI