Why Cyberwatch Finland?

Benefits and competitive advantages:

  • The client can establish a holistic cyber security strategy, build situational awareness across the organisation, and take the necessary measures to build cyber resilience.
  • The client can build resilient ICT infrastructure.
  • Improved situational awareness, providing the basis for better decision-making.

Extensive expertise, experience and the unique combination of these is our strength.

Unique strategic-level international expertise and understanding is based on an extensive network of experts and the utilisation of new innovations and artificial intelligence-based analysis methods. Our experts have the ability to interpret and present complex cyber world phenomena and developments in an easy-to-understand format, utilising the latest technology, easily adaptable methods, and various media formats.

  • Diverse management experience and expertise from the public and private sectors
  • Specialising in various areas of comprehensive security.
  • Combining algorithm-based machine learning and human intelligence.

Comprehensive strategic management skills, experience, know-how and the ability to divide it into smaller entities. Easily approachable and understandable entities, we do not mystify or intimidate, but we facilitate our customers’ daily lives by increasing understanding and telling you what measures should be taken, in what order and to what extent. We rely on the model of continuous improvement and boldly look for new business models.

We are always one step ahead, taking into account cyber world trends, phenomena, threats and opportunities, analysing their impact on organisation’s ’operating models at both the strategic and operational levels. We look at the political, economic and legal basis of situations, without forgetting the most important thing in society, which is the human being.

Why Cyberwatch Finland?

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