Wishing You enjoyable moments with our first magazine of the year!

Wishing You enjoyable moments with our first magazine of the year!

Transforming the way we think, live and move
Spreading like a tsunami coronavirus has made huge changes in our operating environment and caused a lot of uncertainty, fears and concern. The importance of preparedness has been emphasized and global interdependencies have become clearer. There has been talk of digital leap for years, but with the crisis it became a faster task than expected, and for some, even as a surprise.
Policies are changing, but are they changing permanently or will we return to our old routines as soon as the crisis has subsided – even if the policies would have been changed for the better?

Is it so that our operating environment changes but we humans do not?

* Forecast of Cyber ​​Security 2020 * Submarine Communication Cables and Cyber Security Threats * Novel coronavirus and other complex threats require effective response, case Finland * The corona presents the importance of self-sufficiency * CASE: Sandworm * Cyber Security in Smart Cities

These and many other topics are covered in our latest magazine


Have a good read and Stay Safe!

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