Kokonaisvaltainen lähestymistapamme

Kuukausittain tuottamamme katsaukset tarjoavat tiiviitä analyysejä tärkeimmistä kybermaailman tapahtumista, ilmiöistä ja trendeistä.

Katsaukset luovat laajan tilannekuvan niiden taustoista, syistä ja seurauksista.

Kokonaisvaltainen lähestymistapamme

Stay informed – Stay secure

Cyberwatch Finland provides strategic situational reports based on a holistic view of the cyber world and hybrid threats. Our expert reports offer compact analyses of the most significant incidents in that have occurred in cyberspace, providing an extensive view of the background, cause and effect of each incident. Our Special Reports are designed for your needs providing an in-depth analysis of topical issues on a specific business sector or other matters of importance.

As a conceptual service we produce tailored seminars, webinars, games, workshops and podcasts on all of today’s hottest topics in the field of cyber security. Our tailored cyber security seminars and the various easily adaptable training methods facilitate learning and raise awareness on cyber security and hybrid threats at all levels of your organisation – strengthening your ability to prevent, manage and recover from cyber attacks.

With our  expertise we will walk you through potential incidents, their causes, consequences and their interdependencies. This will reveal the essential building blocks for a broader understanding in providing cyber hygiene and cyber culture in your organisation. We help you to acknowledge potential threats, which directly or indirectly affect your business and to meet cyber- and digital security challenges head on, ensuring business continuity and competitiveness.

The aim of  the conceptual services that we offer, is to clarify and spread awareness of the change in the cyber and digital operating environment. It affects us all on different levels.

Improved situational awareness and education helps organisations to prepare and protect themselves from constantly evolving cyber and hybrid threats and challenges. Through cyber hygiene and our information services, we create a responsible and safe operating environment to which each of us can easily commit.

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